Wir berühren


Grasp vs. touch.

A contrast that fascinates. Grasp is something rational and sober. It means "to perceive intellectually and understand in context." It's purely a matter of the mind. Touch, by contrast, goes much further. On the one hand, we can touch materials and surfaces with our hands and begin to understand their haptic qualities. On the other, we are touched by people and circumstances – they exert a certain effect on us. So it's no longer just a matter of the mind, but of the heart.

When we talk about kitchens, we often forget their actual purpose. The kitchen is always about emotions. It's where people love and quarrel. And make up again. It's where lively conversations take place – a forum for discussion and debate. And where the best parties end. In sum, the kitchen is a living space – and the most emotional space in a building. Because aside from all the design and functional features, one thing will always take centre stage: individuals and their emotions.