Die Küche im modernen Bürokonzept. Der Esstisch als Treffpunkt und zur Gemeinschaft.
Freistehende Inselelemente mit funktionalen Eigenschaften ermöglichen die Raumeinleitung am Arbeitsplatz.
Offen zugängliche Wasserstellen, die sich individuell auf den Arbeitsplatz anpassen lassen.


Efficiency, recovery and creativity

Increasing digitalisation is changing the working environment. The workplace is no longer static, but also moves to other premises inside and outside the company. With Orea connect, the kitchen is no longer just a room where employees spend their lunch breaks: it becomes an attractive meeting place and a multifunctional oasis in the middle of the company, thus promoting various creative processes.

Durch verschiede Arbeits- und Ruhebereiche kann der Arbeitsplatz optimal genutzt werden.
Essstationen als moderne Küche ergänzen die herkömmliche Teeküche.


We touch

We follow our motto "We touch". It is synonymous with high-quality surfaces and includes haptics, emotions and experience. Our spatial planning aims to touch people, inspire them and transmit the company's messages through space. We focus on what is of value and create a positive working atmosphere.

Die Küche im Mittelpunkt mit der Ergänzung durch multifunktionale Bereiche für die Arbeit, die Erholung und die Besprechung.



From the kitchenette to the multifunctional communication area: Orea connect focuses on the kitchen as a whole and combines different areas which can be used individually – adapted for your needs.

  • Meeting and communication area for formal and informal interaction
  • Meeting area for employees, superiors and customers
  • Resting and relaxing area
  • Catering zone and takeaway area
  • Working area
Einzelne Küchenelemente als abtrennbare Raumstrukturen, welche die Arbeitsküche individuell umsetzen lassen.


The advantages

The existing areas promote active communication and an exchange of information, the efficiency of work processes and the development of a sense of community. Therefore, Orea connect combines and "touches" the different processes within a company. The needs of both employees and guests take centre stage. Because we are convinced that people are a company's greatest asset.

Verschiedene Bereiche rund um den Arbeitsplatz werden modular und individuell zusammengestellt.


Modular and individual

The basis for planning the Orea connect project is a modular system, tailored to the individual needs of the customer. Individual key elements are implemented.

  • Separable room structures for individual adaptation of the space required
  • Watering place
  • Functional areas that can be managed from both sides
  • Island elements to arrange the spatial structure