Puristische Küchenfront in Eiche natur mit funktionaler Kücheninsel aus Marmor
Schliessbare Küchenzeile mit integrierter LED-Rückwand. Im Vordergrund drei Unikate-Marmorblöcke als Kücheninseln


The unique

Orea + embodies the unique par excellence. Any kitchen can be individually adapted to its user. Even the living area corresponds exactly with the personal requirements of the customer. And therefore every single project is unique. This is exactly what makes Orea + what it is: the creation of something new that has never existed before. A product with conviction - made for people living with conviction.

Kuechenzeile aus Eiche natur mit schliessbaren Türen. Rückwand mit Alucobond-Tablaren und integriertem LED-Licht
Klare Linien bei Schubladenführung. Lederunterlagen für Besteck und Küchenzubehör.



Orea + impresses with its puristic form. Its forms are clear, pure and unadulterated. Without edges, it emphasises simplicity and a monolithic appearance. Its look focuses on precision and authenticity.



Attention to detail

It is the detail that makes up the overall appearance. The monoliths are shaped by a filigree craft, which engages in each unique piece. Attention is paid to detail in order to create unity as a whole.

Edle Schubladen aus Lasser-Marmor mit anthrazitfarbigen Innenleben
Reiner Marmor als Küchenabdeckung bei freistehender Kücheninsel. Bora Professional in Marmor eingebaut



Precious materials give Orea + its individual and exclusive character. The raw, hand-picked materials make each individual piece customised and unique. In order to experience these materials close up, the production process can be followed and even worked on.

Abwaschbecken in reinem Marmor mit verschiebbarer matten Stahlarmatur
Veränderbare Accessoires bei Abwasch in Waschbecken aus Holzeiche und purem Marmor


White gold

Many names are given to Laaser marble. Being the "purest marble in Europe", it inspires through its clarity. Orea + underlines precisely this purity of "white gold".



A long lasting sculpture

Steel as a material is synonymous with longevity. Hardly any other material has such a robust character. The material resembles a sculpture: the idea of how raw steel is welded, bent, sanded and polished until a sculptural hood is finally created. The material in its continuous processing accompanies the private individual every day and, thanks to its hygienic properties, it is often the choice of professional chefs.



Limitless harmony

Dekton offers an aesthetic unity as a material. The material is harmoniously presented, whereby the design possibilities can be realised without limits. Dekton also convinces with various advantages such as high scratch resistance, maximum strength and sustainability. In addition, the material can be used over a large area and is easy to maintain. The Orea + monoliths in Dekton represent this harmonious appearance.



Robust elegance

The exclusive piece of concrete - produced by real manual work - convinces thanks to individual production and top quality. Seamless and curved, the interior design material is indispensable. Elegance, robustness and hygiene are just some of the characteristics of concrete. The Orea + monolith in concrete is a visual highlight and inspires with its pleasant sensation.

Flexibel einstellbare Kücheninseloberfläche in Eiche und Chromstahl
Einfacher Flaschenhalter in Eicheholz inkl. Abtropfbecken für funktionale Einleitung der Kücheninsel


Bottom, middle, top

The structure of the furniture can completely adapt to its user and consists of three levels:

The basic module
This level remains stable and therefore offers a permanent basis for further development.

The functional level
The different functions of the furniture correspond to the needs. Whether it's heating or cooling, anything is possible.

The level of the accessory
The finishing touches can be individually designed. Various accessories are available depending on your habits.

A three-part structure for optimal use.

Integrierte Wärme- und Kältebehälter als funktionaler Bereich der Kücheninsel. Schneidebrett und Flaschenhalter inklusiv. Klare und reduzierte Linien.
Integrierte Wärme- und Kältebehälter als funktionaler Bereich der Kücheninsel. Schneidebrett und Flaschenhalter inklusiv. Klare und reduzierte Linien.
Integrierte Wärme- und Kältebehälter als funktionaler Bereich der Kücheninsel. Schneidebrett und Flaschenhalter inklusiv. Klare und reduzierte Linien.


Between hot and cold

This is not about lukewarm, but about a new feature: the medium level of the marble monolith offers the possibility of keeping dishes hot or cooling as required. By opening the upper level, the functional area is easily accessible and can be used according to the situation.

Esstisch und Stühle in geradlinigem Design und hochwertigen Materialien.



The shelf tower, made of 5.2mm composite panel (HPL), is simple, elegant and light. The translucent rear panel makes the furniture particularly light and almost weightless. The tower stands as a soloist or as part of an ensemble and above all as a free-standing partition.

Schöner und schlichter Massivholztisch mit modernen Stühlen.
Moderne Spülen im Bad ergänzen die Badmöbel mit furnierten Fronten in Eiche Stone.


Dining table and chairs

Transfer the design language of the kitchen to the dining area: the dining area is slim-line, light and elegant with the thin table top and slender chair legs. Both pieces of furniture adopt the rounded line from the handle cut-out in the kitchen front.

The special feature: the table can be made to measure up to a length of 360 cm according to the customer's needs.

With the chair you can choose between two models in various covers and bases. The chair is available with guides, with four legs or with a cross base and can also be designed with or without an armrest.

Der aus Massivholz hergestellte moderne Esstisch ist in individueller Ausgestaltung (Mass, Material) erhältlich.
Die ergänzenden Holzelemente in der Küche runden die Raumgestaltung ab.
Das offene Regal in weiss ergänzt den Stil der Küche auf Gehrung und erlaubt eine optimale Platzausnutzung.


Kitchen living

The interior of the house takes on the characteristic design features and combines kitchen and living room. The solid oak dining table is robust and durable like the island. It is available in various surfaces and types of wood. Thanks to individual production, all sizes are available and everything is possible, from the dining table to the bar table. If you wish, you can even choose your trunk on site during production and decide for yourself whether you prefer a robust look with many knots or a simple wooden structure.


The supplement

Orea bathroom furniture optimally completes the Orea + product range in terms of design and materials. All bathroom furniture is made to measure and optimally adapts to the kitchen design and individual production. In addition, the innovative panel wall completes the furniture as an exclusive addition.

Moderne Spülen im Bad ergänzen die Badmöbel mit furnierten Fronten in Eiche Stone.
Das Badmöbel mit weissem Spülbecken besticht durch eine klare Linienführung.
Die Raumgestaltung erlaubt ein Zusammenspiel zwischen Schlafzimmer und modernem Bad.
Die lackierten Fronten beim Badmöbel sowie beim Spülbecken werden durch die schlichten Formen besonders schön betont.
Weiss-schwarze Kombination von Badmöbel in zeitlosem Design.
Hochglanz lackierte Fronten in schwarz-weisser Ausführung überzeugen im Bad.


Custom-made bathroom furniture

Whether to match the design of the kitchen or individually manufactured: we produce all bathroom furniture to measure and according to your wishes and requirements. You can choose between lacquered or veneered fronts, Alucobond fronts and many other materials and colours. Thanks to our modern production, customised products and special requests are not a problem.

Dress up

Generous unity

A spacious and integrated dressing room is presented in order to meet the needs of interior design elements. Innovative systems, such as sliding glass doors, underline the holistic approach followed in the implementation of Orea products inside. The entire interior can be realised in carefully selected materials and colours to match the range.

Dress up

Crucial details

The details are crucial. With a wide variety of options, the dressing room of the Orea + product line meets all needs. The optimal lighting presents each individual object as a separate jewel.

Der begehbare Kleiderschrank mit rustikalen Eiche-Fronten in zeitlosem Design
Eine durchdachte Raumgestaltung kombiniert die schlichte Ankleide mit dem Badzimmer und dem Schlafzimmer.

Dress up

Customised dressing room

With the Orea + dressing room concept, you can choose between different veneers, decors and colours.

Whether rustic or simple: the equipment is always of high quality and put together individually.

Pull-outs for laundry or other small utensils are placed freely, for example, as a "box" with two or three pull-outs; each niche can also be illuminated with LEDs, thus ensuring the best overview.

Der einzigartige ausziehbare Schmuckschrank als platzsparendes und schlichtes Element in der Ankleide.
Ein dezenter Spiegel ergänzt den Schmuckschrank auf eine praktisch Art.
Der drehbare Schmuckauszug gewährt eine übersichtliche Aufbewahrung von allen Accessoires für sie und ihn.

Dress up

Jewellery drawer

The drawer for jewellery, suitable for accessories and jewellery for him and her, is practical, space-saving and elegant in one. Hooks, rods and inclined shelves offer space and an overview of everything needed for a "finish" after dressing.

Another advantage: a full-length mirror is attached to the back. Since the element can be rotated in both directions, it is possible to view yourself from two sides simultaneously if a second element has been inserted in the dressing room.

Die Schubladen der Ankleide mit hochwertigem Aluminium-Auszug, Linoleum-Boden und Alucobond-Fronten.
Die moderne Sockellösung rundet die Ankleide in furniertem Echtholz ab.

Dress up

Endless storage space

It is the smart details that distinguish the dressing room. The chests of drawers, which can be freely positioned as "boxes" with two or three drawers, are equipped with a 6mm Alucobond bronze coloured front, like the kitchen. The bottom and sides of the chests of drawers are covered with black linoleum. The soft natural material is antistatic, slightly fungicidal and bacteriostatic and is therefore suitable for even the finest fabrics. Also available in natural oak and smoked oak.

The sides of the dressing room run to the floor, the base is slightly recessed. This gives the dressing room its unique character and underlines the clear structure of the individual niches.

Accessoires & Attachments


Removable options

Simplicity determines the design of the high-quality pull-outs. The special feature: the frames are only 12 millimetres thick and their straight and rectangular lines are convincing. Available in natural oak, smoked oak or aluminium. Accessories such as the cutlery insert, the bottle holder, the table set and the tray are coordinated with the pull-out shelves and can be optimally stored.
Der praktische Auszugsschrank überzeugt mit praktischem und zugleich edlem Design.

Internal pull-outs

The high-quality internal pull-outs are available in three versions similar to the pull-out versions. They offer diverse storage space with easy access and a clear presentation of content.

Door aptitude

The devices disappear behind the door after cooking. In this way, a kitchen can be made even more welcoming and consistent, especially in an open living space. Thanks to a security system, the devices are turned off if the doors are closed during operation.

Cutlery tray

The high-quality solid wood divisions in oak can be arranged as needed thanks to the special construction. The felt mat prevents slipping.
Einfach gestaltete und elegante Flaschenkorb in Eiche natur mit praktischen Federstahl-Halter.

Bottle holder

The first of its kind. Regardless of whether it is a slim-line bottle or a PET bottle, with its flexible steel splints it perfectly optimises storage space. It is easy and practical to remove from the pull-out for cleaning or filling. It also causes a stir in natural oak.

Box of knives

Attractive and functional at the same time. Closed, the box looks like a simple and mysterious box made of solid oak. Opened and set up, it reveals its sophistication. The knife blades are held in place with invisibly integrated magnets. The knife set can thus be used anywhere, is space-saving and straightforward.
Der Kräuterbehälter aus Glas erlaubt eine einzigartige Lösung um Kräuter lange frisch zu halten.

Herb jar

With Orea's hand-blown herb jar, herbs stay fresh for several weeks. Thanks to the special shape and size of the jar, thyme, rosemary and co. can still be used for cooking weeks later and, at the same time, it is a decorative solution to the annoying problem of the remaining herbs. Made in Switzerland.
Die variablen Schubladeneinsätze erlauben eine individuelle Organisation des Bestecks. Spezifisch verstellbare Winkel für die Schubladen.

Cutlery insert and block

Extremely robust thanks to the powder-coated surface. Even the bottom of the cutlery tray is covered with linoleum and a second floor maximises the use of the storage space. The partitions in five different sizes allow you to individually divide drawers of any size. The solid oak knife blocks are available for two or five knives. Thanks to the specially developed shape, knives of all types, sizes and designs can be conveniently stored and removed. Made in Switzerland.
Der Vorratsschrank mit Auszügen erlaubt einen Zugriff von drei Seiten und eine maximale Platzausnutzung.


The latest generation pantry allows access from three sides, offers even more storage space and the shelves are continuously adjustable. The double cushioning ensures an optimal run and the rubberised floors do not let anything slip.

Free access

A revolution in kitchen planning. Thanks to the free handle, kitchens can always be implemented as a handle-less version. Where you previously had to compromise when planning a kitchen without handles in the area of a refrigerator, dishwasher or freezer, the free handle, with a mounting size of only 16 millimetres, gives you all the freedom in the world.
Der Schrankauszug als ausziehbares Tablar ist in Eiche Natur erhältlich.

Removable drawer

Smooth-running complete pull-outs for the oak shelves with an invisible non-slip finish and a small edge, are functional and attractive. They are often planned on the side of the kitchen island facing the living area, as they are particularly suitable for storing utensils needed at the dining table. Setting the table becomes pure pleasure without getting in the way of the person cooking.

Insertable shelves

The new shelf system combines two main advantages. Regardless of the row hole drilled on the side of the body, its value can be fully appreciated. Shelves that can be individually assembled and inserted into the rear wall allow optimum use of the storage space.

Chopping board

The solid birch chopping board is part of the basic equipment for passionate cooks. Thanks to the knobs on the bottom and its high dead weight, it won’t slide. The natural fine grain with its antibacterial properties is given an individual patina through use. After use, it is placed on the pull-out with its handles for practical storage.


The high-quality oak tray can be easily stored on the pull-outs. The linoleum base has an anti-slip effect and at the same time underlines the importance of natural materials.
Der Behälter aus Porzellan mit Eichendeckel als praktischer Zusatz für jede Küche.

Porcelain container

The handmade white porcelain containers in four sizes (different from the illustration) with an oak lid are glazed inside and opaque on the outside. The volume is made to suit common packaging units and is suitable for storing sugar, nuts, coffee and co. Made in Switzerland.
Der Messerblock aus massiver Eiche in modernem Design. Dekorative Gewürzgläser in praktischer Ausführung.

Spice rack

Solid oak is used to hold spices. The lids of the spice jars are made of Santoprene, a food-safe plastic that is also used in laboratories. Made in Switzerland.